The Ultimate 2019 Security Team Assessment Template

Security Team Assessment Template

Assessing the performance of your security team is critical to both knowing your current posture, as well as planning ahead.

‘The Ultimate 2019 Security Team Assessment Template’ is the first attempt to capture all the main KPIs of the security team main pillars, saving CIOs and CISOs the time and effort of creating such an assessment from scratch and providing them with a simple and easy-to-use tool to measure how their teams are operated in 2019, while setting up performance targets for 2020.

Building such a template is challenging because security teams vary greatly in size and internal responsibility distribution.

Additionally, there is little consistency in the terms used to designate the various positions across the industry – security analyst, for example, could have one meaning in a certain company and different one in another. The same goes for architects, managers, and directors.

The Security Team Assessment Template (download here) addresses this challenge by focusing on functionality. The two main pillars of the security team are A) ensuring that sufficient security products are deployed and B) making the best out of these products to maximize prevention,…

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