These Are the Windows 10 Features Microsoft Released Based on User Feedback

Windows 10 is a feedback-driven operating system, or at least, this is what Microsoft claims, trying to encourage users enrolled in the Windows Insider program to help with the development of new features and bug fixing.

The Insider program has grown at a super-fast pace since its debut in October 2014, and given the amount of feedback, it’s no surprise that some of the features currently bundled with Windows 10 are based on ideas submitted by testers.

Microsoft published a summary of the features that have been added to Windows 10 based on feedback received from insiders, as the testing program is entering its fifth anniversary year.

The list includes major improvements like video editing in the Photos app, light and dark themes, and Night light, but also additional customization options such as the cursor and pointer size and colors.

Windows 10 feedback

While the improvements that Microsoft included in this list are without a doubt welcome, it’s also no secret that Windows 10 users are expecting even more.

The wallpaper theme packs, for example, which Microsoft brags about and refers to as a feedback-driven feature, aren’t necessarily themes, but only wallpaper packs that include desktop backgrounds and nothing more. This means Microsoft has actually changed the theme concept as we knew it, so instead of more OS customizations, like colors and mouse pointers, what you get is a set of photos to be used as wallpapers.

Additionally, OneDrive Files On-Demand is as feature that originally debuted in Windows 8.1 and which Microsoft removed when it launched Windows 10. The OneDrive placeholders were then brought back, indeed based on user feedback, but it wasn’t necessarily a new feature.

Microsoft Edge has also experienced lots of changes, and after debuting as production version of Project Spartan, it’s now running on the same engine as Google Chrome. The new Edge is offered as the default browser on Windows 10 and is also available on older versions of Windows and macOS.

You can find the full list of Windows 10 improvements based on user feedback in the box below.

Feedback-driven Windows 10 Features

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