This Could Be the Launch Date of Samsung’s New iPhone 11 Killer

Now that the iPhone 11 is a real thing, Apple rivals are working around the clock to finalize their high-end devices that are specifically supposed to compete against this new model.

As the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer, Samsung too is in a rush to complete the work on Galaxy S11, the company’s next high-end device that is expected in the spring of 2020.

While specifics on the Galaxy S11 are not available for the time being, the folks over at SamMobile claim they might have what is believed to be the release date of this new flagship.

Samsung is expected to take the wraps off the Galaxy S11 in the third week of February, and by the looks of things, the big date could be February 18.

The date isn’t necessarily surprising given that Samsung typically unveils the new-generation Galaxy S model in the second half of February, while sales kick off in early March.

Galaxy S11 changes

While it’s obviously too early to discuss the changes that could come to buyers with the new-generation Galaxy S model, one rumored idea is that Samsung could include the Note series in the Galaxy S lineup.

Specifically, Galaxy Note could become just another variant of the Galaxy S, which at some level makes total sense given the two smartphones already share most of the hardware they use.

If this is the case, Galaxy Note might be nothing more than an S Pen-capable version of the Galaxy S. People close to the matter said the 2020 generation could be the one introducing this new approach, so it’ll be interesting to see if Samsung has enough time to do this given the Note10 has only recently hit the shelves.

For now, this is an idea that just makes sense, but given we’re still a few months away from the rumored launch of the Galaxy S11, everything can change overnight.

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