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More than six months into its lifespan, the best iPhone to buy is still the most affordable of the bunch: the iPhone XR, starting at $749. The 6.1-inch phone has many of the premium features found in the more expensive iPhone XS and XS Max, and comes in six different colors. (See why we think the iPhone XR is a worthy upgrade to the iPhone X.) It might be the more affordable option, but it’s still a significant expense, so you’re going to want a case to protect it. Fortunately, there are some very nice case options to choose from. We rounded up our top picks to help you decide. We’ll add more to the list as new cases become available, so watch this space.

Best clear iPhone XR cases

The iPhone XR’s six different colors distinguish this smartphone from its siblings. The best way to show them off is a clear iPhone case.

Ghostek Covert 2

Ghostek Covert 2

Price: $15
Colors: Black, white, red, pink
Highlights: The Ghostek Covert 2 case doesn’t hide your iPhone XR, it complements it. All of the cases have a clear back so the iPhone XR’s colorful glass back shines through. So why is it available in four colors, you ask? That’s the color of the four silicone gel corner bumpers that protect your phone against drops and add a nice accent to whatever color you’ve chosen for the XR. The clear back also lets the Apple logo show and adds a Google Pixel-esque textured window around the camera, which we’ll admit looks pretty good. And of course, you’ll also get military-grade protection against drops from two meters.

Gear4 Picadilly

Gear4 Picadilly

Price: $40
Colors: Black, white, pink
Highlights: From a distance, the Gear4 Picadilly case looks like any other clear case, but when you pop your iPhone XR into it, you can see what sets it apart. A subtle splash of color on the sides gives your phone a little extra personality, while deep cutouts for the power button and…

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