Users Call for Microsoft to Bring the Windows 10X Start Button to Windows 10

Microsoft took the wraps off Windows 10X earlier this week as its new platform to power dual-screen and foldable devices.

And one of the features that so many people seem to love on Windows 10X, even though this operating system isn’t available just yet, is the new Start menu + Start button combo.

While people familiar with the matter said earlier this year that this simplified Start menu could at one point make its way to full Windows 10 as well, Microsoft hasn’t said anything in this regard, leaving those who enjoy the new design hoping for something like this to happen as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, these users are calling for Microsoft to bring the Start button in Windows 10X to full Windows 10 as well, and the idea is gaining traction on reddit and in the Feedback Hub.

“Add the new colored Start button icon from Windows 10X to the regular Windows 10,” the Feedback Hub post reads. Microsoft hasn’t yet responded to this suggestion.

Fluent Design

While the software giant has remained tight-lipped on the chances of getting the Windows 10X Start button on full Windows 10 as well, I do expect this to happen at some point in the coming years, especially as Microsoft is aiming for more consistency across its platforms.

Microsoft itself says that Windows 10X is built on the power of Windows 10, so an update in this regard simply makes sense.

The Windows 10X Start button uses Fluent Design and seems to perfectly align with the new design language that Microsoft has used for new icons, such as the ones for the Office productivity suite.

It remains to be seen if and how fast Microsoft makes this happen, but for now, the best thing you can do is upvote the request in the Feedback Hub.

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