Volvo XC40 will be one of the first cars to run Android Automotive

Google has been working on the native version of Android for cars, Android Automotive, for years. After Volvo offered us a first look at the operating system on its all-electric Polestar 2 back in May, the car manufacturer is now ready to deploy Automotive to another upcoming EV. The company has announced that the XC40 will run Android, too.

Using Android Automotive gives drivers a range of benefits, but most importantly, you won’t need to tether your phone to your car anymore to get access to Google Maps, Assistant, Spotify, and other Android Auto apps from the pre-installed Play Store. Instead, these live inside XC40’s native interface, along with battery stats, AC controls, diagnostics, and everything else you need during your ride – you can even tell Assistant to adjust many of these car-specific functions. Volvo also declares that the XC40 will be its first vehicle to feature full system OTAs, not just app updates, so you can expect core functionality improvements even after buying the car.

The XC40 is set to be fully unveiled on October 16, which is when we will learn more about availability, range, and pricing.

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