WAN Show From LTX 2019!!! Ft. DreamHack!

The best beverages for counteracting hot-spicy food (nearly 100% effective) are salt lassis. I discovered that at a Lebanese restaurant near Columbia University; the Lebanese beverage is called Ayran, and it’s a salty (no sugar) yogurt beverage. But, Indian restaurants usually offer something called “Salt Lassi”, which adds chives (or some other kind of onion). Excellent… especially if you have ever attended a traditional Hindu wedding, and enjoyed the warm milk and onion “cocktail hour” (no alcoholic beverages served at traditional Hindu weddings).

Warm milk makes one sleepy. Ever see “Wolf of Wall Street”? The quaaludes? If you fight the urge to sleep for 15 minutes, you’ll actually feel a little high from warm milk.

I still went to the bartender at the wedding reception next to my friend’s reception… and bought drinks. Some of the other wedding guests were treating me like I had pulled out a crack-pipe. lol

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