Waze for iPhone and Android Updated with Winter Weather Reports

The Google-owned traffic navigation app Waze has received a new welcome update that allows users to send specific winter weather reports such as unplowed roads and areas covered with ice.

The new feature is now live on both Android and iOS and went live in the latest version update in all countries where Waze is already available. Users can send reports for unplowed roads and ice conditions from Report > Hazards > Weather.

New feature created as part of Waze for Cities

In a press release, Waze reveals that the feature was developed in partnership with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), who is going to use the data sent by drivers to better prepare for the next winter season.

“At VDOT, our people are constantly exploring innovations and new technologies with the ultimate goal of providing the best service to the residents of the Commonwealth and all those who travel our roads,” said VDOT Chief Deputy Commissioner Rob Cary.

“Many use crowdsourcing in their daily lives. We wanted to explore this method of information gathering to help improve safety and better assess the conditions of our roads during winter weather. We value our partnership with Waze, and look forward to monitoring the real-time reports on road conditions and determining how best to incorporate the data into our future operations.”

Alongside Google Maps, Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps these days, especially as it helps drivers get around crowded cities faster and in a more convenient way. Based on community reports, the app can also be used by public sector organizations as part of a program called Waze for Cities and specifically supposed to help authorities get better data and insights on local traffic.

You can download the latest version of Waze for Android and for iPhone using these links.


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