WebARX — A Defensive Core For Your Website


Estonian based web security startup WebARX, the company who is also behind open-source plugin vulnerability scanner WPBullet and soon-to-be-released bug bounty platform plugbounty.com, has a big vision for a safer web.

It built a defensive core for websites which is embedded deep inside the company’s DNA as even ARX in their name refers to the citadel (the core fortified area of a town or city) in Latin.

WebARX—web application security platform—allows web developers and digital agencies to get advanced website security integrated with every site and makes it more effective and less time-consuming to manage security across multiple websites.

You can find reviews such as “WebARX – the Swiss army knife that secures my websites!”, “The security software that I use every day,”http://thehackernews.com/”Many Promise – WebARX Delivers” from their Trustpilot page, so where is all that coming from?

Serious Team With A Unique Focus

WebARX is solving a very specific problem—reducing the security risk from third-party components within web applications, or as its website states, “Protect websites from plugin vulnerabilities.”

In fact, the latest studies show that 98% of security…


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