webe community looking for Malaysia’s next BIG Ideas

webe digital sdn bhd (webe), the new digital mobility service provider under the TM Group, is reaching out to all Malaysian innovators through a refreshed and enhanced community crowdbacking platform with a new feature that allows the public to submit their next big ideas.

Malaysians are invited to submit their game-changing idea or project that will bring positive changes in the lives of the communities around them for evaluation. 2016 saw webe community co-creating and collaborating on five (5) projects supported by Malaysians, for Malaysians through a simple ‘pledge’ mechanism that did not require any monetary commitment from the public.

“As a community led brand, we have decided on what products to bring to market and how we would like to support the communities that matter the most – Malaysians. Last year, we saw five interesting projects coming to life through the efforts of our Project Champions. This year we’re looking for the next batch of Project Champions who believe that things can be better for the community!” said Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer, webe.

2017 sees a refreshed webe community looking to make an even bigger impact, and continue to effect meaningful changes. webe hopes to encourage more Malaysians to step out and share their creative and innovative ideas through the webe community platform. We live and work in exciting times, where every day brings new creative technologies and innovations incorporated into the latest products or services. Of all the “wow” moments however, the most exciting are the ones that innovate and bring positive change in the way we live our lives.

“We have now for the first time, opened webe community up for project submissions. If you have an idea, we want to hear about it. Convince us, then rally the support of your fellow Malaysians. If the people want it, we’ll empower you and your idea. It’s as simple as liking something on Facebook,” shared Lai.

A detailed guide, frequently asked questions and other reference materials are available to guide future Project Champions on their webe community journey. webe also offers guidance and support for Malaysians who have additional questions right there on the website.

“World-changing ideas all begin with just a small spark, so we invite all creative Malaysians to head over to community.webe.com.my and submit a proposal for your passion project. Why wait – Do It Now!” Lai said.

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