Will you sleep safer tonight?

He’s a foul man and he’s operating, however there’s nowhere to cover. From alley to alley, from digital camera to digital camera, his actions are stay streamed to police HQ. The police vehicles are honing in, his geo-location pinpointed. Image recognition software program scored a house run tonight – he was on “the list,” and now he’s off the streets.

Finding him was a breeze, even while “off the grid.” Our algorithms had already profiled and predicted his patterns – it helps that he shared his ideas, mates, preferences and locations so brazenly. We’ve accessed his journey data, his emails and cleared his residence of each shred of documentation. It took no time to select him up, ship him out, and shut him down.

So, will you sleep safer tonight? 

He is a terrorist

He’d obtained data from inside the corridors of energy, corrupt sources supporting his harmful mission. He was scheming and manipulative in pursuit of his ideology. But we now have shut him down, you’ll hear no extra of his twisted ideas. So, will you sleep safer tonight?

Let’s reframe this.

He is an activist

He’d obtained and revealed data from a authorities whistle-blower. He’s…


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