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Supt Ismail Mahmood

KUCHING: Police have spoken out to strongly discourage the perception that they will accept any gifts from members of the public.

Speaking to reporters this morning, Kuching Deputy Police Chief Supt Ismail Mahmood, said that this might compromise their integrity or give rise to misconceptions towards the force.

“There is Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to follow. Members of the public wish to make contributions to the police force need to write us a letter first,” he said, adding that they cannot accept items with no clear origin or sender.

Ismail was commenting on the Kuching leg of ‘Jom Bagi Coklat Kat Abang dan Akak Polis #chocs4cops’, an initiative that was started in Kuala Lumpur by lawyer and activist Siti Kasim and former journalist Sidek Kamiso.

Local well-wishers delivered chocolate to the Central Police Station yesterday afternoon, and the story appeared on BorneoPost Online shortly after, garnered over 500 reactions and 160 shares. It also appeared on the front page of thesundaypost today.

As for the ultimate fate of all the chocolate gifted to the Central Police Station yesterday, Ismail said that the station will hand them out to members of the public.

While over 3,000 Facebook users nationwide indicated interest in participating on the Facebook event page, those who planned on extending it to more police stations will have to come up with another plan.

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