YouTube P Score Drama – WAN Show Nov 1, 2019

@ 57:30 FPS argument… i watch EVERYTHING at 60FPS (or rather 48FPS … source x2) through SVP (Smooth Video Project)
i can literally not stand the low framerate anymore when anything is panning.
I’d much rather stuff was filmed at 60FPS and the viewer who insists on 24FPS gets a slowed down version, i just want that extra picture information for smooth movement and less motion blur.
When i watch the Tie-Fighters in star wars in 3D in the local cinema, i hate that the framerate is so low because i can see that it is stuttering like a videogame at 30FPS and in 3D it is even more irritating because your eye attempts to focus on the moving object and its just… hopping from place to place.
If you use static cameras, like in Star Trek TNG, then i got no problem with low FPS, but as soon as you move the camera around the panning gets choppy. If you have scrolling text (credits) …it looks choppy. I hate it.

Also i live in PAL Speedup country… they’ve been messing with the pitch of the english voice overs on our DVDs to the speed that my PAL SNES F-Zero cars drive at my entire childhood.

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